It Figures

  is renowned for its revolutionary figure-enhancing body type construction.  Focusing on such quintessential elements
as customized cutting and figure-flattering silhouettes,  offers the perfect fusion of throughtful designs, paired
with fashion-forward prints for today’s modern woman. 

Created by Women for Women, swimsuits have been designed to relieve the frustration (and sometimes trauma!) that
most women experience when trying to find a swimsuit to fit their particular figure.  The “body type” concept revolutionized the

way swimwear is purchased.  Every woman has her own particular needs and, unlike cosmetics, there is little or no help on the
sales floor.  Body-typed swimwear by has filled an important need in the market for more than 15 years.

Since the brand was acquired by BWI LLC in June 2012, both design and construction have surged innovatively.  Because
figure concerns are not mutually exclusive, is designed for all figure-enhancing needs with a single-brand, in a
well-merchansied fixture.  Consumers cite that the place they want control the most is the tummy.  All swimsuits begin with fabric
that comfortable smoothes curves and whittles the midscection with Tummy Thinner technology.  Then, addresses
more specific needs of each common body type in both Missy and Plus sizes:



  Bust Builder: Specially designed push-up bras enhance A/B cup busts by a size or two & lifts and contours the bust to create desired cleavage.  Removable push up pads can also accomodate B/C cup busts.

D Cup & Up: Underwire construction to support D/DD cup busts and are designed to eliminate side bust-bulge.

Lengthwise: Cut to provide appropiate coverage & correct firt for a long torso.  Designs de-emphasize torso length.

Slender Thighs: Camouflage the thighs with swimdress and skirted styles.  Draw the eye upwards with design details.


donates a portion of the sales proceeds from every suit to advance the mission of the      .

Help in the fight against cancers unique to women- ovarian, endometrial and cervical, that claim over 80,000 lives each year.